Saving Money Tips For Walmart

Saving Money Tips For Walmart

Walmart is one of the American online store and famous for providing products at low prices. In recent years, there is a massive boom in the sales of Walmart, and the price is the primary reason behind this. Additionally, it offers many discount coupons and discount offers on various brands as well.

However, there are few tips and tricks that buyers can use while shopping from Walmart and save additional dollars. In this article, we will share seven saving money tips for our readers. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Never Pay For Shipping

It is the easiest way to save money while shopping from Walmart. Walmart offers a lot of products with free shipping options; therefore, buyers have to look for products with free shipping tags.

Furthermore, if you make an order of a minimum of $35, Walmart offers free two-day delivery. No membership card is required for this offer. This offer implies various categories like clothing, groceries, jewelry, household items, and many more.

Additionally, they can also apply filters for two-day free shipping products, if they are making the order of less than $35. Both these options are beneficial for saving money in addition to Walmart coupons.

2. Walmart Price Matching Policy

Walmart's price matching policy offers the buyers to match the price on and the local store of Walmart. If there is any product with a high price on the store, you can ask for price matching and get the lowest rate as per online price.

Walmart also offers this policy with many other online stores like Amazon, eBay, and many more. Even if you pay for the item and check the price, later on, you can also ask for a refund, or they can make adjustments in the next purchasing. Such an attractive offer is never offered by any store.

But, the item is only available for online matching, if it is stock at that time. If there is zero stock, you are not eligible to avail of this offer.

3. Use The Savings Catcher App

Savings Catcher App is a price saving tool offered by Walmart on its official website. This app allows the buyers to scan the code printed over the product, and it will let you know about the price of the product offered by competitors in your area. If you can find a low cost on any of the stores, Walmart is responsible for making the refund.

However, you can get a refund in the shape of the eGift Card that you can buy at the same time. You also have the option to use it on the next purchase at Walmart store or Sam’s Club location.

It is easy to download the app that is available for both Android and iPhone users.

4. Select items with a Pickup Discount

However, Walmart is convenient to buy products from the online store at low prices, but many buyers don’t like to pay for shipping costs. Therefore, Walmart offers to purchase products from an online store and pick the items from the local Walmart store on the next day. In some cases, the same day product picks up option is also available.

However, in addition to shipping charges, the self-pickup feature provides an additional discount on items, and that is called pick up discount. This option is available on all orders irrespective of the amount of order. Just select the pickup from the store option at check out to avail of this offer.

5. Shop At The Right Time

Walmart offers mega sale discount near holidays and most trending shopping events. Therefore, keeping an eye on these particular times will help to save a lot of money on purchasing.

Black Friday is one of the mega shopping events around the world. Walmart remains on the top of the list for offering discounts on a wide range of products, including LCDs, clothing, toys, and many more. Besides, a couple of other events also offer mega discounts on different products like December’s Green Monday and Cyber Monday.

July is considered a shopping month because a lot of offers are available this month on Walmart. These sales are generally offered at the start or mid of July based on amazon’s annual prime day and other sales events offered by many other retailers. Typically, Walmart offers free shipping and discounted electronic products in these.

6. Shop Early

If you want to get exclusive discounts on meat and various other perishables, you can visit the store early in the morning. Frequently, stores set expiry date and time early in the morning. However, the exact time varies from store to store that you can know by asking the time from the department manager.

After knowing the marking time, you can visit half an hour early than the expiration time and ask for a discount from the staff. This offer is also available on different packaged vegetables and fruits. But after purchase, you have to use them quickly or arrange to freeze them to avoid the risk of spoiling.

7. Buy Yesterday’s Baked Goods

Besides the meat and fruit & vegetable department, the bakery department is another option to save the money by visiting early in the morning. Usually, stores marked down the bakery items for sale with a discount because they were cooked yesterday. However, there is nothing to worry about yesterday’s bread or cakes. You can buy these items in bulk and can freeze them for later use.

But if you feel that the bread is little stale, you can make it revive by providing little heat in the cooking range or oven. However, Walmart offers low prices on Walmart, but you can save more money on groceries by applying these tricks.


Online shopping is useful in many ways, like the option to select the product from various brands and in the desired price range. Besides, many online stores, including Walmart, offers low price as compared to purchasing physically from local stores.

By applying the techniques mentioned above, you can save more on purchasing necessities.

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