What Makes FamilyTreeDNA The Best DNA Testing Company?

What Makes FamilyTreeDNA The Best DNA Testing Company?

FamilyTreeDNA is the leading DNA testing company whose services you can use to discover your ethnic heritage and find living relatives around the world.

You’ve no doubt heard about DNA testing. It’s a process which can help you to understand your ethnic heritage and how your family migrated over time in generations past. On top of this, it can also be used to help you locate living relatives.

There are now several major companies in the field of DNA testing – but one of them stands out against the rest: FamilyTreeDNA. The company was founded in Texas back in 2000 and has since become the most respected DNA testing company with close links to genealogists around the world.

But what is it that makes this company more prominent than the rest? On top of that, can you really rely on the results that you receive from DNA testing?

What makes FamilyTreeDNA rise above the rest?

DNA testing is a complicated process. The science behind it all can leave some feeling baffled, while others will be left wondering if their privacy is at risk by allowing someone to look into their genetic background in such detail.

Whatever your questions or concerns, we’re going to lay address them here. Read on to see why FamilyTreeDNA is widely considered to be the leading DNA testing company.

FamilyTreeDNA has the history

Established in 2000, FamilyTreeDNA was one of the first companies to enter into the DNA testing space. They were originally focused mostly on helping people with paper research, but in 2010 they began offering more commercial testing to help people discover living relatives with their ‘Family Finder’ package.

It’s first choice among genealogists

Due to the company’s long history and record at successfully testing for DNA, they’re now the first choice among genealogists. This means that they have strong links within the genealogy community and can use these links to continually improve their service.

Works with National Geographic Genealogy Project

FamilyTreeDNA are the testing partner for the National Geographic Genealogy Project – a non-profit project which is aimed at gaining a deeper insight into the history of migration and genealogy over time. You can even contribute your results to the Genealogy Project and then access the website for free to take advantage of the massive library of data available there.

Reasonably priced

Finding out about your heritage is now so affordable that basically anyone can do it. The tests cost around $150, although you can always find discount coupons to test your DNA for a lower cost. More about that at the end of the article.

FamilyTreeDNA offers various tests

There are different DNA tests that you can carry out to find out different things about your ancestry. There is also the option to take a bundle test and find out everything all at once.

Autosomal DNA Test

This is the most common test and can help you to understand your family history back five generations. It’s best to understand your ethnic origins and your family history.


This test focuses on your paternal lineage and can allow you to see back 25 generations. It’s often called the ‘Surname Test’ as it follows your father’s lineage. This makes the test a valuable asset for finding out if people who share your surname are actually related to you.

mtDNA Test

This is similar to the YDNA Test, only it follows your mother’s line. This makes the test ideal for finding out where your maternal lineage originates as it goes back up to 25 generations.

Find your family history at a discount price

If you want to find out your family history and discover living relatives around the world, then you can find discount coupons to test your DNA with FamilyTreeDNA.

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